Another rite-of-passage milestone has been reached

I’m so proud. I’ve been called a “douchebag” no less than twice in the less-than-erudite comment thread on a very popular technology-satire blog. Yet another commenter chose to describe my suggestion to keep the satire focused upon facts (rather than stock-price-manipulative industry gossip) as “gay-ass.” 

Digg children, the online world is indeed your oyster. Please continue to attack anyone with vocabulary you’re too lazy to learn. 

I am so happy to be part of a culture which celebrates this level of discourse. Is anyone selling relocation-to-Canada-package services for disaffected faux intellectuals, or are there degree requirements for repatriation? 

I guess it’s a good thing the equally-illiterate baby Trekkies I normally converse with are so relatively polite. All they do is pout and passively digress entire discussion threads into a mewling rat-hole.

As for the satirical blogger… he’s lost a bit of focus since he became famous. Possibly since he found that the hits go way up when he posts about easy targets that his comment mob can dogpile upon. Smart commentary about the business world has taken a back seat to “let’s add a caption to this image of someone we hate” contests.

Nice work if you can get it. 


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