illiteracy, spew

You’ve got to be kidding me.

morons on parade 2

First, I voted.

Then, I thought the gaggle of high school kids at the train station might have been heading into the city for some sort of damnfool desperate Ron Paul rally.

And then more crowds joined them at succeeding stations, wearing hats and Giants jerseys and cheering, and I finally achieved Duh.

And then I saw even more of them at my connecting train in Newark, cheering each other, tossing empties onto the tracks. The pride is back.

There’s a bunch of noise outside my office window, down near The Pit. Will there be this many people lined up to cheer for the guy who discovers the cancer cure?

A fucking ticker-tape parade. On Primary Day.

Please, all you sports morons… At some time between the second six-pack and your stumble home… go vote. Please. You’re all depressing the shit out of me.


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