fucking funny

Spewing beer on the monitor again. Damn you, Oswalt!

There aren’t many examples of anything that’ll make me giggle and gag with glee at the close of a frustrating week. Even my favorite living comedian can’t muster up the goods at every show. That’s what’s known as “the luck of the draw” when you pick a night to go see him. Some performances just don’t achieve the level of hoot (or even Mentos+Diet Coke-level fizz) your enthusiastic friend promised when he dragged you to see the awesome guy who does that funny bit about KFC.

Which is why I like reading something by a wit who’s had a little time to boil down and distill his thoughts for a medium that isn’t subject to the whim and blood-sugar level of a live audience. Twitter has proven vastly entertaining to me in this regard, but its 140-character limit curtails the flock of Webby-somethings who dominate the most popular post stats on this channel, even as some of them toss off Wilde-worthy bon mots while ignoring their day jobs.

Patton Oswalt delivers. His top five lists of 2007 and his ostensible plans for addressing his high school’s commencement effectively rinses nerd-dom in a concealing blue-rinse of undeniability, suitable for general audiences. I can hear his Liberal Arts Major dramaturge voice in every paragraph.


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