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The iPADD 2.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, schadenfreude makes a darned tasty snack when liberally doused with hot chili sauce.

One year after the appearance of Apple’s reinterpretation of Mike Okuda’s PADD, other dim-bulb manufacturers are still struggling to pass off lame imitations with deliberately crippled functionality as devices which ordinary people will want to use. And Apple continues to demonstrate why good design works better than lame marketing with a new gizmo that seems even more like a Star Trek prop made functional. Their competition, sadly, sounds like Pakleds are running those other companies.

What remarkable fortitude it must take for Apple-haters to continuously move their goal posts, shifting their faith and hope in devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Motorola Xoom (a product that can’t even see its own home page).

I continue to blame Mr. Okuda — and Matt Jefferies before him — for indirectly inspiring the wonderful work that helped set this off.


2 thoughts on “The iPADD 2.

  1. moeskido says:

    You never need a sticker. You need a custom Gelaskin.

    Nice wallpaper link, by the way. Colors look right, typography’s correct, but the numerals aren’t sized to align with the color blocks.

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