Some uncharitable thoughts…

Sales Department meeting interrupted by first  rehearsal of partially-written product presentation.

…about a disappointing product presentation from the other day.

“We’re going to keep talking about the Surface until you forget we hardly showed any software running on it.”

“This unit is actually connected to HDMI, because it’s the only one that can copy files to the desktop without crashing.”

“We’re enjoying the opportunity to brag about ideas we didn’t come up with and designs you’ve already seen elsewhere.”

“We’ll promise almost anything to keep iPad out of the enterprise. At least, that part of the enterprise that’s still speaking to us.”

“I say ‘perfect’ a lot. I’m going to keep talking about how perfect Surface would be if it was actually ready to demo.”

“The precision, intricate engineering of Surface was absolutely necessary to provide these great CG renders you see on the big screen.”

“We believe Surface is leaps and bounds ahead of our Courier ‘release’ in 2008. We actually made physical prototypes this time.”

“I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this keyboard. Not that anyone here will actually allow that.”

Like the Kzinti, Microsoft always attacks before it’s ready.


6 thoughts on “Some uncharitable thoughts…

    • Moeskido says:

      Faith in what? Microsoft’s track record for delivering on promises? Or their particular triumphs in tablet computers that nobody ever wanted, going back ten years?

      I want more and better competition for the iPad. The two products Microsoft pretended to demonstrate simply aren’t ready to show to anyone. The company’s impatience and anxiety about being left behind in the only growing segment of the computer market isn’t an environment in which great products are made.

      But much of the tech press is pretending it is.

  1. I have faith that Microsoft can eventually pull something half-decent out of their bag of tricks to at least make Apple squirm. Maybe I’m being ridiculously optimistic here, since as you said, they haven’t been super-reliable in ages; however, they were once a powerhouse, and I feel like they’re regaining that status, bit by bit.

    I totally agree that their showing was premature. They got nervous that nobody was going to be their friend, and jumped the gun. But what little we did see of the products they have in the works was promising, and at least gave me a little bit of hope, however potentially misplaced.

    I am not the type to be so stubborn as to not eat crow, so if Microsoft rolls out a bunch of failures, I will gladly call them (and myself) out on it. No sense in flying in the face of evidence. But for now, I’m feeling like giving them another chance, and holding off on switching to Apple until I see that Microsoft has created a disaster for themselves.

    By the way, great blog. Your post is funny as heck. I’m a huge n00b in the blogging world, so I beg you–take it easy on me! (Or not. My ego lies in your hands.) Still trying to navigate everything, but you got a follower in me, for sure.

    • Moeskido says:

      I’ll be happy if Microsoft has more success in this venture than Motorola or Samsung or RIM have with Android-based gear. If only to keep Apple from disappearing up its own asshole. But Microsoft keeps shooting itself in the foot, then tries to shoot the bullet out.

      You’re very kind to say such nice things. I often write to make myself feel better about unpleasant events, but I don’t write often.

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