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Why I’m glad to not be in lower Manhattan today.

We were on our way out of the city to plan our wedding, but only made it as far as the car rental. Considering the esteem in which our country was held by so many, my only surprise at the event was that it hadn’t happened sooner.

And then our country lost its collective mind. There were plenty of midwives eager to assist that process, and many of them are still raking in the benefits of having pandered to our worst instincts.

One upside of no longer having a day job near the WTC: no need to hear those damned bells today. Another one: no need to put up with sanctimonious speeches, slackjawed tourists, or attention-seeking pamphleteers.


One last thought about today’s remembrances from me, with a pertinent point liberally paraphrased from my better half.

All you well-meaning, sanctimonious Amurricans can tell me what I “need” to remember on September Eleventh when I can stop arriving in Manhattan under the scrutiny of soldiers in camo carrying machine guns, every single week of the year.

If you need reminders of what that feels like, opt for the pat-down at airport security. Your tax dollars at work.

And until either of those is a distant memory?

Thanks. On it.


One thought on “Why I’m glad to not be in lower Manhattan today.

  1. Jamie Mona Dawn Lipman says:

    I watch the international tourists taking photos all the time downtown. What are they expecting to see? The site of the WTC attack is now just a construction area. Please move along, There is nothing to see here.
    I hate the bells too. And the motorcycle escorts to the 9/11 memorial. Too loud.
    My sister, Heather, refuses to come to work on 9/11. I understand her POV. She was here. She does not have to relive it every year. It is permamently seared into her memory.

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