Just do it right the first time.

I remember a temp print production gig in a previous decade, working at a small agency alongside a terrific designer who did elaborate print forms for a single big client that eventually took all their work in-house. This guy designed typefaces and did elaborate calligraphy, and I loved chatting with him about stuff like that.

As the new guy, I was tasked with making corrections to pieces that had already been set up, until such time as I could be trusted to make new stuff.

This guy’s form layouts were a dense thicket of impossibly overlapping tiny text boxes, tiny empty frames which only contained color, and tiny line objects. No paragraph styles to speak of. No indication that the designer had used the software’s capabilities to make repetitive work easier. All ad hoc. All inflicted pain.

Years later, I realized what that meant.

I’d very much like to think I’m leaving less of a mess for people who’ll someday have to work with the forms I’m constructing now.

For fuck’s sake.


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