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You Got That Right.

I’m almost certain I’ve told this story before, but it bears emphasis.

It’s been about thirty years since I realized I could go see some terrific live music in a venue that didn’t reduce me to a tiny dot in a vast sea of screaming quasi-humanity.

Instead, I could sit in a reasonably-sized room full of more-or-less well-behaved folks while formidably talented musicians blasted their genius in my direction, without need of amplification. And there was generally beer on hand, which didn’t hurt.

One of those groups of musicians stood out almost immediately. The group’s founders made their wit and erudition plainly obvious in a mid-1980s interview on WKCR I was lucky to have tuned in to hear. I heard excerpts from their latest album, and within weeks had thrust copies of it at several friends.

I’m grateful that The Microscopic Septet still occasionally perform together. I’m also happy to catch their individual efforts when I can. What a damned fine bunch of artists to be a fan of. And what a damned nice bunch of gentlemen. Rest assured that I am happily looking forward to their new CD release this spring.


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