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Happy Fourth of Something.

About two-thirds of my life ago, I began to realize that what most people loudly and proudly call “patriotism” was just a mechanism they’d been raised with. Part of a ritual that distracted them from whatever deal they’d allowed their government to trade for their sweat and blood. As it has been since we learned to walk upright.

As someone very wealthy (and publicly devout) once said to my father-in-law over lunch on the other side of the world: “There are no countries. There are no religions. There is only business.”

If only more people realized this. The United States of America is a contract whose terms have changed over the past thirty years, and not for the better.

    Please sign the attached rider which commits your children and grandchildren to sacrifice their lives while killing people who signed a far worse contract with their own leadership. Note that your user agreement has been amended to modify those sections labeled “Bill of Rights,” “Social Security and Medicare,” and “Consumer Protection.”

Yes, we’re still getting a better deal for our money than a lot of folks elsewhere can ever look forward to. But that list is shrinking.

    Your apathy is greatly appreciated. We look forward to doing business with you and your DNA for the remainder of your lives.

Save your fervor for your loved ones. Reserve your faith for people you actually know.